Breakthrough Cure in HIV/AIDS Found in Miracle Deconcoction X – Liquid

What would you say, if you were told that there was an effective cure for AIDS?

If you are interested in learning more about a possible cure for the epidemic – the wonderful results of research carried out on patients in an HIV plagued region in Africa, then read on.

The Dean of the School of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Benin, Prof. Isaiah Ibeh, a career microbiologist, on Tuesday January 8th, announced that his team of researchers had discovered a new drug that could cure HIV and AIDS.

“…of five patients, seven months after being administered the treatment, three were sero-negative while two were still faintly positive. – Dr. Ibeh

His announcement was made after “a series of successful tests,” in live patients with stunning results. The Abstract of Dr Ibeh’s work is seen below:
hiv cure

The media was awash with this news, the professor had found the solution.

Punch reported: “The professor just developed a drug that can cure HIV/AIDS and it has been tested. He has solution to AIDS.”

But the main stream media is not going to tell you about this. And you know why – they choose to ignore this, not surprisingly they are not interested in ‘mere’ herbal concoctions which can not really be sold for a big buck by big pharm.

This is not the first cure report coming out of Africa and other parts of the world, and not the first one that has its results published in journals, but I guarantee you, you will never hear of these.

More Punch: Ibeh told NAN, “We are at the threshold of making history, in the sense that we seem to have with us something that will permanently take care of what over time seems to have defied all solutions.

“We are talking about the latest discovery of an oral drug made from plants extraction in Nigeria for the possible cure for the pandemic, HIV and AIDS virus.’’

According to him, research on the project was started in 2010 and culminated in the development of “Deconcotion X (DX)–Liquid or Bioclean 11 for the cure of HIV and AIDS.”

Ibeh added, “The existing retroviral drugs are intervention drugs for the management of AIDS but our new discovery is a possible cure. We have tried to look at the product first; its toxicological analysis and discovered that it has a large safety margin.

“This means that if animals or human beings are exposed to it, they will not suffer any serious harm at all from the exposure.

“It also helped us to know the quantity we can conveniently give to animals and will feel secure that nothing untoward will happen.

“We have also done the bacteriological analysis on it, after which we looked at its effect on the virus and the result was quite revealing and refreshing.’’

Ibeh also said that the drug had been exposed to series of medical examination both in Nigeria and in the USA. He added that the drug had performed well on patients with the HIV virus and had shown evidence of total restoration of damaged tissues.

He said, “The result showed an increase in the body weight of the individual administered with DX.

“The body weight was statistically significant when compared with the control group.’’ He said that further tests were being conducted to determine “at what point will a patient become negative after being administered the drug?”

He said, “This verification is necessary because it is what is used to measure whether infection is still there or not. So we need to know the sero-convention time.

“But preliminary results showed that of the five latest patients orally administered with the drugs, our finding is that up to seven months three of them were sero-negative while two were still faintly positive.’’

The results are fascinating. The CD-4 T-Cell count nearly doubled in some of his trial patients. And the whole theory behind HIV and its leading to frank AIDS is the depletion of CD4 count.

Deconcoction X – Liquid doubles CD4 count in just one month, with results jumping from 532 to 932 cells/ml at the end of just 30 days on DX-Liquid.

Patients gained weight, up to 6kg in the same period.

The problem with the orthodox search for a cure for AIDS may be that they have been looking in the wrong places: Trying so hard to kill a bug, whose association with the actual AIDS deterioration is not based on fact; rather than searching for natural remedies to restore the patient and strengthen his natural abilities to defeat the virus.

No medication can be more powerful than an astute immune system.

This is why our researchers have also included special doses of Hydrogen peroxide in addition to special nutrition in the cure of AIDS.

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We promise to give you the updated information and exclusive access on this revolutionary scientific breakthrough that promises to be a big piece in human history.

The cure is here!

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